Shopping like in the old days - Consum is becoming a grocery store.

In the coming weeks, instead of Käsplättli & Grüner Veltliner, you will be able to buy basic foods and products from our suppliers in the region. We have received several requests from producers in the region to sell their products. Together for a Rheingasse that is full of life. Bring your own shopping bag.

Due to the official requirements no more than 4 people are allowed to be in the Consum.

Opening hours


Mon to Sat from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

Sun from 10.00 a.m.


Wine bar in the middle of Kleinbasel

The bar with salami and cheese specialties and over 100 wines can be found in the heart of the old town of Kleinbasel on Rheingasse. The extensive offerings and lively atmosphere make the Consum an uncomplicated meeting point. Whether it’s the fresh lunch at noon, sweet temptations in the afternoon or a convivial aperitif in the evening - Consum will spoil you.

Our offer

A cool Volta Bräu or a white wine? A plateau, colourfully mixed according to your choice, or a portion of olives? Discover our specialities and arrange your favourite aperitif yourself.


Enjoy a hot soup or one of our homemade sandwiches with lunch. Whether pumpkin with brie, jersey blue cheese or salami nostrano with porcini mushrooms - they are all fresh, delicious and healthy.

Your hosts

Milena and Max complement each other perfectly. He, the joyful storyteller, and she, who keeps order behind the scenes. Wait a minute, wasn't it the other way around? Hey, they are so well coordinated that even the team often cannot tell them apart. You do? Then you know who to turn to with your request.

Team Leader Max Hehl

Deputy Team Leader Milena Maceda

Consum Shop

We bring the south to Basel, so you can take it home. We offer a selection of our Mediterranean specialties for sale in our Consum shop at the bar - from olive oil, through to Cantucci and Celestino.